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Our company is engaged in wholesale deliveries of equipment and accessories for plumbing , heating, water supply .

As well we have our own retail network in Belarus:
The brand "TermoCity" appeared in 2011, but due to the high standards of service has already gained well-deserved recognition among their customers and clients. We will help you to choose and install the necessary equipment  and also we could advise you the questions related to the service , we will give you clear instructions on its use and , if necessary , carry out the required training.

We work with well-known , time-tested  suppliers and trademarks:
Immergas ( Italy) - boilers for any needs .
SiraGroup ( Italy ), Fondital ( Italy) - durable and stylish aluminum radiators ;
Speroni ( Italy) - efficient pumps and pumping stations ;
Auraton ( Poland) - one of the best thermostats for heating equipment ;
MV Group ( Italy) - an effective funds  for water purification ;
GELhydrotechnology ( Italy) - professional water treatment funds ;
Conti ( Italy) - best chimneys of aluminum;
CimmSpa ( Italy) - expansion tanks and replaceable membrane tanks ;
ARCO valvulas ( Spain) - the world's best ball valves and valves for pipes ;
Unidelta ( Italy) - polyethylene pipes , pipe fittings ;
And many other manufacturers.

Please send us your suggestions for cooperation.

Наши магазины по всей стране:
Магазин в Борисове

Адрес: Борисов, ул. Дёмина 5, пом 2 (напротив ГорГаза)

Магазин в Солигорске

Адрес: г. Солигорск, ул. Строителей, 4, (с левой стороны от ГорГаза)

Магазин в Молодечно

Адрес: г. Молодечно, ул. Великий Гостинец, 75.

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